The Journal of Energy (Energija) publishes original scientific and professional articles of a broad spectrum of interest in the energy business, from specific technical problems to global analyses and also on practical implementations and realizations aiming to help advance the state-of-the-art energy sector development. The Journal of Energy is issued in the form of a digital web magazine for readers by the principle of open access.

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The Journal of Energy (Energija) is a Diamond/Platinum open-access journal that allows immediate access to the content of the journal without the payment of a subscription fee or license. Authors pay no article processing charge (APC) and all the costs of publishing the journal are met by one or more sponsoring organizations. Editors, editorial board, editorial committee, and reviewers work pro bono (in kind).

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Journal of Energy (Energija) allows authors to retain the copyright of their papers without restrictions.


The papers published in Journal of Energy (Energija) can be deposited and self-archived in the institutional and thematic repositories providing the link to the journal's web pages and HRČAK database.

Authors reserve the right to self-archive their work after publication on their institutional or personal websites and in open access repositories. Authors are expected to appropriately cite the original publication and provide the DOI number when sharing their articles. Authors are also asked to provide a link from the deposited version to the URL of the publisher's website. This requirement is intended to ensure the integrity and authenticity of the scientific record, with the version published online on the publisher's website clearly identified as the final version of record.

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