Overvoltages and Transients Identification In On-line Bushing Monitoring


  • Wieslaw Gil Mikronika sp. z o.o.
  • Wiktor Masłowski
  • Przemysław Wronek




transients, overvoltages, on-line bushing monitoring, voltage method


Overvoltages and transients are sometimes recognized as the cause of bushings’ rapid failure. This fact is confirmed by the studies published at the 2018 CIGRE session. They can also initiate dangerous resonance phenomena in transformer windings. The identification of very fast overvoltages characterized by high dynamics of voltage changes, so-called "transients", is difficult due to the limited frequency response of station voltage transformers. However, the bushing monitoring systems, based on the so-called "voltage method" can be used for this purpose successfully. There are several running bushing monitoring systems based on this method in Poland. The transients’ events are registered together with their oscillographs in Transformer Monitoring Systems (TMS). The overvoltage statistics are also performed to support service procedures.
The TMS are integrated with station systems, which greatly increases the possibility of overvoltages phenomena analyzing.


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