Managing Transformers Risk through Failure Codification


  • Abdullah Mohammed Al Qabtan
  • Mohammed Said Dad Allah AlZadjali
  • Omran Omar AL Balushi Oman Electrical Transmission Company



On line condition monitoring, OETC Oman Electricity Transmission Company, CMMS computerized Maintenance Management System, RCM Reliability Centered Maintenance, RCA Root Cause Analysis, FTA Fault Tree Analysis


The fast development and expansion of any service organizations which followed by increases in the asset numbers that’s need to have a proper maintenance strategy which should be cost effective. The aim of any strategy is to have a plan that contribute to improve asset performance by reducing downtime of asset failures.
The aim of this paper is to set plan that determine the processes of creating failure code that can create a library of failure modes with its consequences and risk. This allow service provider to quickly understand the problem and any action that can be taken which have already proven by failure mode effect analysis. Also it’s identify most of the functional failures that might happened in the critical asset in the OETC’s network. In this study the transformer asset class was taken into the consideration for full failure mood and fault tree analysis.
Defining failure codes can give specific instructions to complete a task to reduce the main time to wait in any failure from the total main time to repair, and any smiler failure mode from other assets the corrective action will remain consistent. The selective processes of creating a failure code give the organization a more holistic view of transformers risk which will be used to improve maintenance strategy by integrate those codes into work order system like CMMS


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