Regular issue, Vol 68 No 1 (2019) published


This first issue in 2019 marks the 68th year of publishing the Journal of Energy. We are especially happy due to the fact that our Journal was included into INSPEC (Information Services for the Physics and Engineering
Communities) citation database of journals. 
That is a great motivation for the future work of the editorial board, to achieve better quality of works covering different topics of energy system.
The first paper is a derived version of author’s Ph.D. thesis entitled “Türkiye Enerji Piyasasının Çok Değişkenli Doğrusal Regresyon Analizi ile İncelenmesi” defended at the Gazi University Institute of Social Sciences.
In this paper natural gas, electricity and oil consumption which are the energy sources that the greatest market share of world and Turkey are investigating by using multivariate linear regression model. The conclusion
of paper is very interesting. The effects of energy prices in Turkey’s energy market didn’t meet the classic economic expectations but they developed in accordance with the economic structure of Turkey.
The next very interesting paper is “Fuzzy inference based stability optimization for IOT data centers DC microgrids: impact of constant power loads on smart grid communication over the powerline”. In this paper, a 600 V
/ 380 V DC-DC microgrid that can be used to represent state of the art IoT data center microgrid is modeled using Matlab. Takagi-Sugeno fuzzy inference model is used to establish the domain of attraction of the dc
microgrid. It is discovered that the domain of attraction, which represent the stability region of the data center microgrid increases when the dc bus channel capacitance increases.
The paper “Customer empowerment strategy and shaping markets in the production of electricity” analyzes the implementation of the strategy of empowering customers and shaping markets that the E.ON Group, as example, has carried out as a „response“ to global transformative trends in the energy market environment by which the former company was divided into two less dynamic and more focused companies into a new or conventional energy world.
In this number of Journal of Energy we have a paper dealing with “Strategic role of oil pipelines in EU energy supply” The oil pipelines have a strategic importance in the energy supply of the European Union (EU), thus the oil pipeline companies hastily modify their strategies by expanding business and becoming more and more transport-storage-energy oriented, and by investing in the flow reversal of oil pipelines and connection pipelines, storage capacities, as well as in enhancement of efficiency and flexibility of oil pipeline and storage infrastructures.
The last paper “Neutral point connections in MV power networks with grounding zigzag transformers – analysis and simulations” deals with treatment of transformer neutral point in middle-voltage (MV) networks which become an important issue with increasing proportion of MV cables in power networks.
This year we are going to work on several special issues from different scientific conferences, and we hope the authors will recognize the quality of publishing works in this journal, which is definitely going to contribute to
quality maintenance, but also to the improvement of the journal’s quality, which is in the interest of our wide academic community.

Goran Slipac