• Milivoj Mandić
  • Ivo Uglešić
  • Viktor Milardić




adhesion coefficient; electric energy consumption; electric traction calculation; electromotor train; TS; recuperation; train movement simulator


The electric railways is a specific consumer of the electric power system. For the purpose of using electric energy rationally and making adequate savings, efforts are made to optimize electric energy consumption of electric trains and other electric railway facilities. The work shows the train movement simulation algorithm which serves to determine primarily the mechanical and then also the electric power required for traction. The sections of the electrified tracks are supplied from the electric traction substation (TS) and, for the requirements of the electric traction calculation, an electric network is formed. Based on the maximum time table for a certain time period, calculation is done of the electric circumstances; electricity, voltage, electric power, as well as the total consumed electric energy. For the determination of the electric energy supply of the traction unit, movement resistances of the certain train on each section need to be calculated. Input data necessary for such a calculation are the tracks profile parameters, planned movement speeds on certain sections, and the properties of the train and the locomotive. Besides the train movement simulation model, the article also shows the analysis of impact factors on the electric energy consumption for the electromotor train which travels the Croatian suburban rails. The results are obtained by the train movement simulation algorithm, by virtue of which the locations of trains are calculated, as well as their mechanical and electric powers necessary for traction. The particular example of the supply of the existing SS serves for comparing the results obtained by electric traction calculation and measurement. Some of the results are given of the electric traction simulation for the Zaprešić SS at the supply of the suburban Podsused factory − Samobor − Bregana which is planned for construction.


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