Lightning Performance Improvement Of 123 kV Line Ston – Komolac By Use Of Line Surge Arresters


  • M. Puharić
  • M. Mesić
  • M. Lovrić
  • J. Radovanović
  • S. Sadović



Line surge arrester. Lightning performance improvement. Tower footing resistance


This paper presents HEP - Transmission System Operator Ltd. Line surge arrester (LSA) application pilot project on the Ston – Komolac 123 kV line. This 44 km long single circuit shielded transmission line operates in the region with a high lightning activity (keraunic level about 70 thunder days). In addition, it was very difficult to obtain good footing resistance. For these reasons, considered line used to have very bad lightning performance. It was decided to install Line surge arresters for line lightning performance improvement. In order to optimize arrester installation configuration sigma slp software simulations were performed. LSA are installed according to the results of the software simulations. LSA are installed in summer 2007 (110 gapless, IEC-class II Line arresters). Sixty one LSA are equipped with Excount - II monitoring sensors (monitoring arrester leakage current and peak of the impulse current). Based on the 8-month experience, LSA installation has improved line lightning performance. New line performance is close to the targeted once (improvement by 50 to 60 %). Surge arrester monitors collect very interesting information. Collected info will be compared with the software simulations.


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