Increasing the reliability and availability of the electric motor using combined static and dynamic diagnostics


  • Saša Nikolić
  • Radoš Ćalasan



Reliability, Availability, Diagnostics, MCSA


The aim of this paper is to point out the importance of early diagnostics and assessment of the condition of the electric motor in increasing the reliability and availability of the plant. Electric motors are unavoidable elements in every production process. As the complexity of the process increases, the number of electric motors involved in it increases. By increasing the number of electric motors, the possibility of cancelling and interrupting production increases. It is therefore very important to monitor the situation and detect defects at an early stage so that timely repair or replacement can be planned, without affecting the production process. Modern diagnostic methods that can be used both during the operation of the electric motor, and with the dismounted and dismantled electric motor are presented in the paper. With good organization and testing schedule and a combination of static and dynamic diagnostic methods, the reliability and availability of the plant can be significantly increased. With increased reliability and availability, a reduction in maintenance costs is achieved. In this article, some examples from the author's practice are given, when serious engine defects were discovered.  These cases confirm the value of predictive testing to increase reliability of  electric motor.


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